At M&P we provide over two decades of education and salon experience, teaching a universal concept that makes education assessable and relevant to all levels of hairdressers. We have taught and worked alongside the leading hairdressers throughout the world, this has added a technical and creative direction that excites stylists globally.

Cutting courses are based on the basic foundation of a Line, Graduation and Layers. These are the building blocks of all cuts and styles in the hairdressing world. Mixing this with the three principal shapes, round, square and triangle, M&P can teach you to create an endless degree of looks. This will not only enhance your creative potential but also increase your salon revenue.

Colour courses are based around technique and are brand neutral, making M&P colour courses suitable for any colourist. Focusing on the three main techniques, Complete Colour, Foils and Freehand and combining the three principal shapes, Circle, Square and Triangle. These are tailored to develop technique and creativity.

“Advantage through Technique"

M&P education teach all the details behind cutting & colouring, enabling students to create styles to suit all individuals and enhance your client base

In Salon Education

Every year, thousands of hairdressers travel to schools across the world to improve their technique and knowledge. M&P give you the option to bring tailor made education to all your team in the comfort of your own salon, whilst giving you a realistic situation to your everyday work, by working on your own clientele or models.

Academy Education

Whether you run a small independent Academy or a globally established institution, bringing our world class education to your door will help your students return over and over again. The M&P team offer a universal education, that will work for all your clients, regardless of hairdressing style and experience.



  • Core Precision Cutting
  • Precision Cutting Salon Contemporary
  • Precision Cutting Collection
  • Precision Cutting Fusion
  • Seminars
  • Shows
  • Teacher Training
  • Create Your Own

All hairdressers have talent, but it is hard to make the best of our craft. How we nurture and guide people can take them in a new direction, out of a comfort zone and into their full potential.


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Core Precision Cutting


This course is at the heart of the M&P methodology, We offer you the ability to create a strong foundation for all styles of hairdressing, regardless of your background and experience. We provide you with the base to have a successful development in hair education, while experiencing in-depth demonstrations and lectures from our team, plus hands on workshops.


Suitable for any level, this course is the building block for any colourist, giving them the strong foundation though technique, colour theory and phycology. We offer you lectures that include a brief introduction to the history of hair colouring then lead on to the 3 core techniques. Complete Colour, Foils and Freehand. By asking ourselves why we colour hair the way we do we can embrace new ideas and expand our technical ability.


This course is developed to give students the core strengths from Foundation Cutting and Foundation Colouring. We provide you with an introduction to our education with lectures, demonstrations and hands on workshops incorporating cut and colour.

Salon Contemporary


A course that has developed from the strengths of Foundation, it will guide you to structure your own direction in modern salon hair. We can teach you to add a fresh feeling to old and new clients through a range of lectures on contemporary salon concepts.


This M&P Comprehensive 3 day, salon contemporary colour course showcases technique, shape and design. A good understanding of the Colour foundation principles are required to obtain the best from this contemporary course.


Keeping in mind the Foundation principals of cut and colour, this gives you with a introduction to salon contemporary techniques. This courses provides combined cut and colour lectures with demonstrations and hands on work sessions.

Bronze, Silver, Gold - Core Precision Cutting

An in depth 9-day course broken down into 3 stages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) of 3 days, each stage focusing on a specific foundation shape: Triangle, round and square. Once the full course is finished, the student will be able to utilise the correct techniques and shapes for each bone structure, face shape, hair type and growth patterns. They will leave having a rudimentary control and understanding of the 9 foundation techniques and “How” and “Why” to utilise them for the best suitable result on their clients.

Bronze, Silver, Gold - Precision Cutting Salon Contemporary

An in depth 9-day course broken down into 3 stages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) of 3 days, each stage focusing on a specific hair length: Long, Medium and Short. Once the course is finished the student will be able to utilise the correct techniques for bone structure, face shape, hair type and growth patterns. They will understand how to combine the 9 Foundation Shapes, while adding disconnections and undercuts to make modern salon looks. They will leave having a rudimentary control and understanding of Salon Contemporary techniques and “How” and “Why” to combine them.




Students explore the essential techniques behind the seasonal collections for M&P. We take an in-depth look at the disconnections that create each new inspiration, guiding you through our world of hair. This creative journey will give you detailed demonstrations that lead to our hands on workshops, this all enhanced by our collection experience lectures. A good understanding of foundation and salon Contemporary principles are required to obtain the best from this course


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Fusion gives you the opportunity to take on the full M&P education concept, this is a journey that starts from Foundation to Salon Contemporary and Collections. Fusion is the perfect all around course to give you the tools needed for your day to day salon work. This will give you a basic and creative understanding of our universal concept of hair.


Combining Foundation, Salon Contemporary and Collection courses, this Fusion course guides you through the M&P colour education system. The understanding of technique, placement and shape moves you on to understanding collection concepts.


This course is a overview of M&P education system. Combining cut and colour lectures, hands on work sessions and detailed demonstrations. Fusion will combine cut and colouring techniques from Foundation, Salon Contemporary and Collection.


Seminars are an up close and personal way to gain new information on the all aspects of M&P education. These seminars can start from the roots of Foundation, to the most creative work. The latest Collection videos and presentation models will enhance the visual aspect of the seminar. Cuts and colours will develop from start to finish, while showing you the reason behind our saying “Advantage Through Technique”.


Create a show to suite your targeted audience, these events can be tailored made to sell your product brand or gain a foothold in distributing education to students world wide. Let our team of experts take the audience through a journey of cutting & colouring techniques, giving them inspiration on the latest collection concepts. Watch catwalk presentations and dynamic promotional videos created to energise all levels of hairdresser.


Men’s hair is an ever growing part of our industry, each look being as complex as the fashion world that directs it. Barbering is divided into a classic building of square and round shapes, focusing on the control needed to construct these popular looks. Demonstrations are followed by expertly guided workshops, teaching in lecture form the constructs of enhancing your newly developed passion.

Texture & Shape

Have you ever dreamed of being able to understand how to cut hair both technically and on its expanded form? The Texture & Shape hair cutting course will add a 3-dimensional understanding to your technical cutting ability. This course will take you on a journey through classic afro cutting while exploring more contemporary looks and techniques through lectures, demonstrations and workshops. A perfect course to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Create Your Own

Everybody has needs that are different. These client-focused courses are developed to deliver a hand picked education package. Choose any of the M&P education offers and build a course or event suited for your requirements.

Teacher Training

A tailor made course for educators or aspiring educators, on a ratio of one teachers for six students max.

We work with you to improve your teaching skills - this course focusses on all aspects of hair education, from how to deliver a lecture and nail a demonstration to how to run work session - this is a unique and challenging course that will boost your confidence and help you reach your full teaching potential.